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Your Own Mobile App

Transform your website from a website into a mobile app and connect with your customers with ease.

Mobile Design

Benefits of having your mobile app

1 / Boost customer engagement and loyalty

Bring your customers back to your website or app with fast and easy communications with your customers via push notifications on your customers' phones and in-app messaging.

2 / Send news and updates

Send out your news and updates to your customer base and let them know about deals and reminders with push notifications

3 /Turn your contacts into app users

Turn your phone contacts into app users with an email campaign. You can also invite your website visitors to app users.

Mobile Web Design

Mobile App
Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens next, after I decide to work with Nuimagen360?
    We will set up a call and go over some details to get a deeper idea about the way you would like your website to look, and the features you need on your new website. We will also discuss domain options, if you do not have one. The webdesign process may seem a bit complex, but don't worry, we will break it down into steps, so you can give us your feedback as we move along with the design process.
  • What happens if I don't have a logo, images, or text to place on the website?
    If you don't have a logo, text or images, don't worry. We include free images and a banner and we'll make sure your website looks great. We can also assist you with the logo creation if you need one. If you do not have any or very little text that you can give, then we offer our copywriting services to add content to your website. This will be discussed before we start with the design process.
  • What happens if I do not like the website you created?
    That won't happen. We discuss your needs in advance and you will also have access to the design files thru a link, as we are designing your website, so you can give us feedback during the design process. We won't hand over a website that you do not love.
  • What software do you use for the webdesign?
    We use Wix. While we have extensive experience in Wordpress, we prefer Wix due to the security issues and overall costs with Wordpress.
  • How do I know you will do quality work on my website?
    We have built numerous websites over our 20+ years in webdesign, including complex ecommerce websites, lead generating websites, multi-vendor marketplaces, wholesale websites. We have worked with a very large amount of plugins, automations and content management systems We are experts at high converting websites no matter of complexity.
  • How much does webdesign cost?
    The price depends on the complexity of the website solutions you need. Every website we create is focused on converting your incoming traffic.
  • Are your websites WCAG and ADA Compliant?
    We can make any website we designed WCAG and ADA compliant. The cost depends on the size of the website that needs to be made compliant. Contact us for a quote.
Mobile Phone

Mobile App for Your Business

Mobile applications are an invaluable way to promote brand recognition and expand the visibility of your business.


Mobile apps also help strengthen customer relations with your organization with features like the communication feature that helps respond promptly to customer feedback.

Are Mobile Apps Similar To Websites?

Mobile applications (apps) differ from websites in that they're custom-built to work on specific operating systems, like iOS or Android, providing high performance with excellent user experience.

Benefits of Having a Mobile App for Your Business

1. Save Time

Mobile applications provide users with a more tailored and immersive experience than websites do, saving both their time and energy in terms of task completion (e.g. storing login details and preferences for an easier user experience).


2. Performs Faster

Apps tend to perform faster due to being native apps running up to five times faster than typical websites using JavaScript code.

3. Instant Notifications

The mobile app's ability to send instantaneous, non-intrusive notifications is an effective way for businesses to promote themselves, their products, and services.


4. Promotional Messages

Users will regularly open the app to check updates and promotional messages - leading to higher brand retention as users will likely view updates themselves!


5. Brand Awareness

Customers will see your business' name and logo prominently displayed on the app screen, creating brand awareness.

6. Lead Generation

Mobile applications provide users with a more tailored and immersive experience than websites do, saving both their time and energy in terms of task completion (e.g. storing login details and preferences for an easier user experience).

7. Cost Effective

Cost savings: In the long run, a mobile app can help you save money by reducing the need for traditional marketing channels such as print ads and direct mail.

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Should You Get a Mobile App?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on each business's individual goals and needs. For instance, if your website serves primarily as an information hub about products and services offered by your company, an app may not be required (unless there are features that users actively want).

A mobile app can enhance user experiences by offering them additional functionality not available through desktop computers. For example, users may receive push notifications that inform them about updates or events happening within your organization, and have access to content or data offline - making life simpler when they don't have internet connectivity.

Cost of Mobile Applications

Mobile apps can be costly to create and maintain for small businesses. Most apps require hiring a team of developers at considerable expense for creation. Design and development costs tend to be higher for apps than for websites.


An app cannot update content as quickly or dynamically compared with websites; for these reasons alone it might not suit all types of businesses; Nonetheless, they have become an increasingly vital way of reaching audiences on the go.


However, having Nuimagen360 design your website and create your mobile application will not require you to hire a team of developers. We can create your mobile app time- and cost-effectively.

Web Apps Instead of Mobile Apps

Web apps offer a great alternative to mobile applications as they work across any browser-enabled device and are more affordable for most businesses.

If your business wants to expand its presence on mobile devices, responsive web designs should be used that automatically adapt the screen size of each device and promote brand visibility while offering customers the optimal user experience.

All websites we create at Nuimagen360, are optimized for mobile devices and are included in all website design packages. 

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