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The Best Social Media Tools and Free Tools to Manage Your Social Media

Optimizing and overseeing your social media account is vitally important - doing so will enable you to expand your reach while simultaneously developing an impressive brand presence.

Buffer, Hootsuite and Pallyy are among the premier tools. These all-in-one solutions offer scheduling capabilities, unified inboxes and analytics tools; free trials as well as affordable plans are provided by these top tools.


Buffer stands out among its feature-heavy rivals as an effortless social media tool, allowing users to set up accounts in seconds and schedule posts simultaneously across multiple channels with its queue system for semi-automated post scheduling.

Users can adjust posts for specific channels or add campaign tags, plus teams can set approval workflows so only approved content appears on Buffer calendars.

Buffer makes it simple and straightforward to locate and create social media images for your posts, with built-in guidance on image sizes and templates.

Pablo image creator is particularly useful, while on-demand webinars and other marketing resources provided by Buffer can also prove invaluable.

Buffer offers an outstanding social media management inbox to keep track of unanswered comments and messages, filter by sentiment (negative, order, question), prioritize which messages require responses first and work seamlessly with tools such as Hootsuite to monitor Twitter conversations.


Hootsuite is one of the premier social media management tools, competing against Sprout Social and Agorapulse for user attention.

The entry-level plans offered by Hootsuite appeal to individuals and small businesses without needing advanced analytics capabilities or team access; but to take full advantage of its advanced features you must upgrade to more expensive plans.

Hootsuite makes managing multiple social accounts simple with its single dashboard interface and user-friendly Streams feature, providing a quick snapshot of activity on Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts and LinkedIn profiles. Plus you can view posts from multiple accounts at once while tracking keywords and hashtags!

Hootsuite allows users to schedule tweets and messages for specific times during the day, saving both time and effort. Furthermore, its analytics feature tracks clicks and presents them visually so you can easily determine whether your content is effective while providing insights about its performance in relation to social media strategies.


Pallyy is a social media management platform tailored for marketers and agencies, which features a visual post planner, team collaboration tools, analytics reports and support for Instagram Stories, Live broadcasts and TikTok as well as Facebook Twitter LinkedIn platforms. With its user-friendly interface it makes this tool user friendly for beginners as well.

Your dashboard allows you to monitor multiple accounts in a single window, with columns for posts, mentions, messages, hashtags and trends.

With its powerful search function and targeted campaigns capabilities, quickly locate relevant content for targeted campaigns quickly and create them efficiently. In addition, advanced social media monitoring features track keywords and hashtags as well as competitors' performance data for competitive analysis.

Hootsuite is an exceptional social media tool, designed for both large and small businesses alike.

The free version offers an efficient unified social inbox while its advanced feature set includes scheduling across all major platforms, content suggestions and analytics; evergreen posts can even be scheduled so they can be reused over time! Plus, its mobile app makes accessing all its features even simpler!


MeetEdgar is an efficient social media automation tool, helping businesses save both time and money by automating content scheduling, repurposing, account management and analytics tools - including collaboration features - but it may not be right for every situation - here are some alternatives which offer more comprehensive features and superior customer support.

Users can create a weekly recurring schedule and select which category of posts they would like to share on each day - this will then randomly share those posts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

Users can customize how often an identical post repeats as well as set an expiry date for them.

This software is user-friendly and provides great automation features, including scheduling, publishing, message/comment management, brand mention monitoring and advanced analytics. Ideal for small businesses, individual brands and agencies managing social media client accounts - however its real-time posting capability remains limited.


NapoleonCat is an all-in-one social media management tool that enables businesses to automate posts, schedule them ahead of time, monitor conversations and track analytics in one straightforward platform.

Users can manage multiple social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter included) using this suite, along with customizable workflows which enable team members or clients to review posts prior to publishing them to social media platforms.

The suite also comes equipped with a social inbox that enables users to respond quickly and efficiently to customer comments, reviews, and complaints. This feature streamlines customer service by eliminating back-and-forth communication between marketing and customer support teams; users can tag messages as praise or spam and assign issues directly to experts for resolution.

NapoleonCat offers another valuable feature - customizable reports that can be distributed to teammates, managers and clients - which enable marketers to track their progress and performance over a specific time period, analyze competitors' pages for insights on how their own social media efforts compare, as well as track competitors profiles for insights.

Mav Social

Mav Social is an end-to-end social media visual content management solution. This software assists businesses of all sizes with creating, publishing and organizing approved visuals on social media channels.

Users can utilize Mav Social to automate posts, track analytics, listen for industry trends and build reports as well as collaborate on team efforts with team members while also being able to store images, videos and audio files securely on its platform.

This platform offers several useful features for marketers. It enables you to schedule and post updates directly onto Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts; manage Google My Business accounts; and provides analytics for all social media channels.

At Social Sprout, its user-friendly interface makes it simple even for novice users to operate, with a free plan enabling up to three social media accounts for free and no sign-up fees or credit card required compared to similar tools.

Furthermore, 24/7 customer support is offered along with multiple language support and robust reporting capabilities - making this platform a top choice for businesses that need to highlight performance KPIs and metrics.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social provides businesses with an efficient solution for creating, scheduling and posting content across multiple social media accounts. Its user-friendly dashboard enables you to monitor the channels that matter and generate custom reports on each.

Plus you can personalize it further with brand logos, domain names and favicons that make the platform feel more personal!

Among many features offered by Zoho Social are real-time monitoring dashboards to view core keywords, brand hashtags and product reviews as well as an inbox single chat interface where followers of both platforms can send direct messages directly from both platforms!

This tool offers several features designed to save both time and money, such as a link shortener, activity logging, user tagging and the ability to generate reports. It works on different platforms like Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and Instagram and features powerful media publishing tools which allow you to quickly compose posts for all social networks from one screen while smartQ/prediction engine helps predict when audiences will most likely engage with them.

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