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Zoho Social vs Hootsuite vs HubSpot Marketing Comparison

Updated: Aug 30

Hootsuite and HubSpot marketing are two powerful social media tools designed to assist businesses with expanding their social media presence. Each has an array of features designed to benefit marketers in small- and large-sized organizations alike.

HubSpot boasts over 1,000 integrations built right in, but reviews on its ease of use vary widely. HubSpot's basic plan may be intuitive but becomes complex as soon as higher-priced packages are added on.

Hootsuite may appear intimidating for users new to social media management; however, its comprehensive set of features and more cost-effective pricing plans make up for that disadvantage. All services have flexible payment plans based on team member count, social media sets used and channels created.

What is Zoho Social?

Zoho Social is an all-in-one social media management platform designed to simplify expanding your presence on major platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, GMB (Google My Business), and TikTok from one convenient dashboard.

You can monitor conversations and collaborate with teams using it; additionally, its analytics dashboard gives insight into audience trends while offering clear reporting for performance benchmarking - while premium packages provide even greater reporting capability.

Zoho Social Media Management Software
Zoho Social Media Management Software

Zoho Social offers an intuitive user experience when it comes to managing social media marketing, while Hootsuite lacks one. With a calendar view that makes scheduled posts easily visible and a built-in content calendar that lets you reschedule them as needed, Zoho allows for easier post-scheduling rescheduling as needed and even creates content mixes more efficiently than its rival.

Furthermore, this tool offers automated messages, performance tracking tools for social media analytics, multiple account management from one dashboard, automated message sending capabilities as well as automation features, and multiple account management all from one dashboard.

Zoho Social Integrations

Zoho Social offers integrations with numerous other applications, such as SmartQ CRM and Lead Ads for Facebook or LinkedIn ads. These partnerships make it easier to track performance and enhance social media strategy. Furthermore, it features a URL shortener and browser extension called zShare that makes sharing content with teammates simple.

What is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite social media management software
Hootsuite Social Media Management

Hootsuite is an innovative social media management tool with multiple features designed for individuals or businesses to manage multiple social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Users can monitor all their activity at one glance in one central place which allows for rapid responses to customer inquiries or complaints as well as tracking the performance of advertisements on these platforms.

Hootsuite can be an expensive way to manage social media for small businesses, making it unsuitable as an affordable solution.

What is Hubspot Marketing?

Hubspot Marketing is a comprehensive marketing and sales platform, featuring an arsenal of tools for streamlining the conversion funnel from awareness to decision-making.

At its core are all essential tools for lead generation, email marketing, social media management, and analytics.

Hubspot features an intelligent CRM with built-in integrations that help users track and manage leads.

In addition, marketing automation tools such as email sequences, landing page templates, autoresponders, and web-to-lead forms are provided as part of its offering - while its email marketing capabilities boast access to overall and individual email response data as well as performance reports from ads run.

HubSpot, like Zoho Social, provides standard reports and dashboards that are essential for monitoring important business metrics. Unfortunately, however, HubSpot comes with certain limitations that require additional workaround; such as only permitting limited reports/dashboards with its free plan; more will become available as plans get upgraded.

HubSpot also offers excellent customer support, though its platform isn't as comprehensive. The CRM integrates with multiple apps and services - email, calendars, Google Analytics - while social media apps such as HootSuite allow you to create and schedule posts across various social platforms simultaneously.

HubSpot may be prohibitively costly for smaller businesses. They now have lower-cost plans but if you need custom reporting, Google Seach Console integration, Video hosting, Teams, and Campaign reporting, and use it for your social media accounts, you will be paying $800/month, which is makes Hubspot Marketing not feasible for small businesses.

The Necessity of Social Media Management Software

Social media management tools are essential for businesses of any size, as they allow you to maintain control of your social media presence. These tools allow you to schedule posts, monitor brand reputation, engage customers, and drive traffic back to your website - not to mention increase online visibility!

There is an assortment of social media management tools on the market today, but which is best suited for you depends on your individual needs and budget. Each tool offers its own set of advantages and disadvantages; to make an informed decision it's crucial that you first understand which tools best suit your requirements and budget.

When selecting one it is also wise to evaluate all available features - for instance, integrating with CRMs could improve workflow while assuring both marketing and sales teams work cohesively while live chat support might come in handy for businesses new to social media management tools are among their many great features when selecting their social media management tool of choice.

Are Social Media Management Tools Expensive?

There is an assortment of social media management tools on the market, and some can be quite costly. Their cost will depend on factors like user count or collaboration requirements as well as features such as analytics capabilities you require. You should also keep in mind your planned length of usage as this may determine whether you need to upgrade or downgrade to another platform later.

Social Media Features
Social Media Features

Before selecting a social media software, it is crucial to establish which features are necessities and which can be added as extras.

Don't become overwhelmed by all the different features these software offer - instead, focus on finding one that meets all your requirements perfectly, and don't forget integrations that could enhance its functionality during this process!

Best Social Media Tool With Affordable Pricing

Zoho Social is an affordable alternative to Hootsuite and Hubspot with its user-friendly pricing plans and user interface, providing affordable pricing options and user convenience. Additionally, its scheduling, monitoring, and reporting tools make managing team workload easier; in addition, other features include image editor capabilities and native video creation functionality.

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