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1 Page Website

1 Page Website


Webpage Sections

The website can have max 7 pages or sections, which usually include:


  • Home page with entry banner and a short company description
  • Company info or About Us section
  • Services or products section
  • Gallery section or testimonials
  • Contact section with the company's location map
  • Any other sections your company needs
  • SSL Certificate

    All of our web design packages include SSL certificates. 

  • Hosting

    Your website will be hosted under and the hosting is prepaid for 1 year. 

  • Responsive Design

    Every webpage we create is fully responsive. Your pages will look great on desktop computers, tablets, and cell phones.

  • Social Links

    If you have any social pages, we will add their icons and link them to your social pages, so your visitors can find you there as well.

  • Fast Delivery

    We do everything in-house and can create your website within 1-2 weeks, depending on how fast we get the materials from you. 

  • Stock Images

    We will include as many stock images as necessary to make the webpage look beautiful and convey the message to the website visitors. 

  • Optimized Pages

    We create your website structure with SEO in mind, so the search engines can crawl the pages and your website can show up in the search results. 

  • Contact Form

    Every professional webpage needs a contact form. Your webpage will come with one as well, so your website visitors may contact you via email if they choose to.

  • Business Location Map

    If you run your business out of a local store, you need your customers to find you. A map is included on your Contact page so your potential customers can find you with ease.

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