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Referral Partner

Earn money letting people know about our website design and online marketing services. Build your network or work alone.

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How Does The Partner Program Work?

Introducing an Idea

Who Can Become an Referral Partner?

Anybody can become an affiliate partner whether they work online or offline.

1 / Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents and agencies talk to a lot of people and help businesses get commercial locations. 

2 / Bloggers, Social Media Influencers

If you have a large business owner followers, then this is a perfect way to increase your income

3 / Printing Shops and Graphic Agencies

When businesses show up to get flyers or business cards and they do not have a website to add to their contact channels, it is the best time to recommend them our website design services.

4 / Website Developers and Webdesigners

If you have too many clients to handle or there is a project you do not want to do or feel comfortable doing, you always have the option to refer the customer to us and get paid for it.

5 / Social Butterflies

If you are none of the above, but love mingling with others and chit-chat with business owners, you can make a healthy income just letting businesses learn about us.

Benefits of Being Our Referral Partner

Discussing Over Documents

How Much Can Partners Earn?

Referral partners earn a 10% commission after each sale. The more qualified leads you send us, the more you can earn. Minimum commission is $50. See this example below.


Please keep in mind that the exact numbers depend on the final price, which can vary based on the discount coupon you may give away.

Examples of a one language website design referral commission.

(Note: actual prices may defer, because we give multiple options to our customers. Our partners may also give out discount coupons which would effect the net cost of the services):


  • Hosted webpage: $195 - You get: $19.50 USD

  • 1 page website + 1 year hosting:  $750 USD - You get: $75 USD

  • 5 pages + 1 year hosting:  $950 USD - You get: $95 USD

  • 10 pages + 1 year hosting:  $1400 USD - You get: $140 USD

  • 15 pages + 1 year hosting:  $1700 USD - You get: $170 USD

  • 20 pages + 1 year hosting:  $1900 USD - You get: $190 USD

You can track your commissions in your partner dashboard.
The following can increase your commission amount. 

  • Logo design

  • Adding a blog

  • Content writing

  • Special requests

  • Your monthly bonus (read below)

  • Adding reservation or booking system (hotels, restaurants)

  • Website created in multiple languages

Euro Bill

Monthly Bonuses

Get monthly bonuses on the top of your commissions by sending us as many converting referrals as you can. 

Your monthly bonus amount will depend on the number of referrals you send our way that result in a sale.

(You can see all the extra bonuses you can receive in your partner dashboard after you register)

Build Your Referral Team No Matter Where They Are

Build your referral team and earn even more each month. How? You will get paid for each of your team member's referral as well.

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Ready to Get Started?

Have questions? Contact us

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